MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL is a Spanish company devoted to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of snacks and food for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

Our love for pets makes improving manufacturing processes, covering our customers’ and their pets’ needs and expectations and guaranteeing the highest quality in all of our products all the easier.

Snacks para perros fabricados en España. Snacks for dogs Made in Spain.


Our multiskilled team of more than 60 people is highly qualified and experienced. Manufacturing takes place at the MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL facilities in Guardamar del Segura (Alicante): 21,000 m2 where we produce pets food and snacks with only the best raw materials, nutritive and natural, from Spain and obtained in a sustainable, responsible manner.


Currently, MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL contributes towards the happiness of dogs and cats all around the world by working in 33 countries all over Europe, as well as United States, Israel, Morocco, Hong Kong and Thailand.

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El compromiso de Mediterranean Natural: la felicidad de tu perro


Every day we undertake to do a responsible, efficient job, based on three premises that are essential to us:
1. All dogs and cats deserve a home, as well as love and special care. They are one of the family.
2. Our pets deserve the best quality of life possible, which includes a healthy, balanced diet.
3. All pets deserve to be happy.

Innovación en el proceso de calidad de los snacks para perros Mediterranean Natural


Innovation is the key to fulfilling our commitment. We innovate to improve the quality control process and the creation of new products, encouraging research and development in collaboration with both public and private organisations, staying at the cutting edge and assessing the needs and demands of our customers.

Snacks para perros fabricados con materia prima de alta calidad Mediterranean natural


At MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL we use high-quality raw materials, as well as tasty, protein-rich natural ingredients to satisfy the nutritional demands of our pets. We take proteins from different sources: meat (chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb) and fish (salmon, tuna and sardine), guaranteeing a complete range of essential amino acids. The manufacturing process is non-evasive (meaning it doesn’t damage the raw materials) and so preserves the product’s properties.

Mediterranean Natural es una Empresa certificada por la normativa ISO 22000:2005


Company accredited with

ISO 22000:2005 for


Veterinarian health registration number:

ESP03076002 & S03076001

Mediterranean Natural es una Empresa certificada por la normativa ISO 22000:2005