Raw materials

At MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL we work hard to ensure that the raw materials reach the highest quality standards.
To do this, we carry out exhaustive checks throughout the production process: from the source of the raw materials delivered by our suppliers, right up to the finished product that your pets enjoy in the form of delicious snacks.
We are continually in touch with our suppliers.


Snacks para perros 100% naturales Mediterranean Natural

Sin productos químicos.

Snacks para perros 100% frescos Mediterranean Natural. Fresh snacks 100% Mediterranean Natural.

La materia prima llega fresca a MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL y se cocina justo después de ser suministrada.

Golosinas y chuches para perros de calidad Mediterranean Natural

Nunca congelamos

nuestras materias


Snacks y golosinas para perros de jamón serrano. Treats for dogs, serrano ham.

High quality meat, rich in vitamins (B1, B3 and B6), oleic acid and minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus and potassium. A meat low in cholesterol and fat.

Snacks de paté para perros. Foie treats for dogs

Rich in iron and phosphorus, it helps to keep bones and skin healthy. Rich in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B3, B6, B7 and B9 (folic acid).

Snacks y golosinas para perros de pollo. Chicken treats for dogs

Chicken and turkey meat incorporate proteins and nutrients with a low fat content. They are a source of B vitamins, phosphorus and selenium.

Snacks de buey para perros. Beef treats for dogs

It contains high quality protein and is rich in essential amino acids. Its proteins are easily absorbed and digested and maintain their high biological value.

materia prima cordero

It contains proteins of high biological value and practically all of essential amino acids. High iron level. Rich in group B vitamins.

Snacks de pato para perros

It It provides vitamins B1, B6, B9 and B12, C, D and E. It contains iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and copper, which help in bone formation, regulate heart rate and hormone production.

Snacks y golosinas para perros de pescado fresco. Treats for dogs, fresh fish

It stands out for its high content of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help maintain the cardiovascular system and is beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Rich in vitamins A, D and group B as well as in phosphorus and potassium.

Snacks de sardina para perros y gatos de Mediterranean Natural

Blue fish whose fats, rich in Omega 3, help regulate cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Provides high quality protein and iron easily assimilated by the body. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals: the combination of vitamin D and calcium allows the penetration and absorption of calcium in the bones.

Snacks con glucosamina para perros de Mediterranean Natural

The prawn and crab extract favors the development and strengthening of tendons and joints due to its high glucosamine content.

Snacks con arroz para perros y gatos de Mediterranean Natural

Our products do not contain gluten and we use rice as a source of carbohydrates because it is the cereal that produces less intolerance in dogs and cats and is not among those classified as allergens by the UE.

Snacks con leche para perros de Mediterranean Natural

Milk powder, which we  use in our formulations for puppies, provides vitamins and proteins and is one of the most important sources of calcium.


Snacks para perros con antioxidantes naturales (aceite de orégano) Mediterranean Natural
Oregano oil

Oregano is a potent antioxidant that inhibits the growth of intestinal parasites, prevents and fights Salmonella or E-coli, helps fight some skin conditions and stimulates bile. Contains Vitamin A, C, E, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium.

Snacks para perros con antioxidantes naturales (romero) Mediterranean Natural

Rosemary is a natural antioxidant that promotes proper digestion (stimulates the production of bile and protects the liver). In addition, it helps in the elimination of liquids, prevents bacterial infections and stimulates blood flow (prevents the accumulation of cholesterol).

Snacks para perros con manzanilla Mediterranean Natural

It is one of the herbs most used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antibacterial, digestive and sedative properties. Helps to fall asleep and stay relaxed in states of generalized nervousness.

Snacks para gatos con levadura de cerveza Mediterranean Natural
Beer Yeast

Excellent nutritional supplement for its contribution in proteins, minerals (chromium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and sodium among them) and vitamins of group B (folic acid, among others). Prevents anemia, strengthens and regenerates the central nervous system and helps in the growth, formation and strengthening of tissues. Ideal to control sugar levels.

Snacks para perros con pulpa de aloe vera Mediterranean Natural
Aloe vera pulp

Anti-inflammatory. Maintains healthy skin and shiny hair.

Snacks para perros con alcachofa Mediterranean Natural

Helps regenerate hepatic cells, eliminates toxins and reduces cholesterol.

Snacks para perros con pasiflora Mediterranean Natural

Combat nervous states and hyperactivity favoring relaxation in a natural way.