THE QUALITY MANAGEMENT of our products starts at the moment when we first contact the suppliers of our raw materials, establishing a quality control process which only ends when the distributor takes the end product off our hands. We also guarantee an exhaustive traceability process.
QUALITY CONTROL OF RAW MATERIALS. We use high-quality ingredients made from meat classified as “suitable for human consumption”, with a high protein content (chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb) and fish (salmon, tuna and sardine). We make sure that all products are gluten free (We use rice in our formulations).
QUALITY CONTROL OF THE END PRODUCT. During the production process we follow strict quality and safety regulations so that the product leaves us in prime condition (such as testing for heavy metals during the manufacturing process). All raw materials that do not pass quality control are taken away and destroyed.
Once the product is finished, the packaging process is carried out where aspects such as preservation of product properties and the appearance of the packaging are carefully inspected.
These rigorous checks throughout the manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes mean satisfied customers, something of which we are proud and which gives us the strength to continue looking forward to working every day with the assurance that we are offering a product that reaches the highest quality standards.

University of Murcia and Mediterranean Natural collaboration agreement


We work together with university food research departments and professional experts in nutrition to improve our traditional formula, obtain the best blends and constantly offer new and improved products to the market. All of this research is aimed towards a common goal: the maximum quality of our products.