Mediterranean Natural: quality raw material in our products for dogs

Mediterranean Natural: materia prima de calidad en nuestros productos para perros

Mediterranean natural is a Spanish company that produces snacks and semi moist food for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Certified by the ISO standard 22000: 2005 food grade, select quality raw material from Spanish origin.


In Mediterranean Natural we apply the love and respect we feel for the dogs in our routine, thus achieving work to improve ourselves and offer snacks and dog food to the forefront of the market: natural and innovative quality products.

In order to offer the best to our customers, we select quality raw material: Here begins our exquisite and thorough work.

In our factory in Guardamar del Segura (Alicante) we received the best raw, fresh and natural materials, of Spanish origin and obtained from sustainable and responsible manner.

Mediterranean Natural providers are Spanish and belong to the human food sector. We provide fresh meat and fish (the same can consume your family at home), with which we prepare our products for dogs, which do not contain gluten or artificial colors. Also they are a GMO free and Trans Fatty Acids free products.


The raw materials with which we make our snacks and semi-moist dog food bring many benefits:


1.- Fresh salmon and tuna:

With high biological value protein and low fat content. Source of vitamins A, B and D. Fish rich in Omega 3.

Snacks y golosinas para perros de pescado fresco (salmón y atún). Fresh fish (salmon and tuna fish) treats for dogs


2.- Serrano ham:

High quality meat, it is the main ingredient in our formulations. Helps the proper functioning of metabolism, immune system, growth and development of your dog.

Snacks para perros de jamón serrano. Ham treats for dogs


3.- Pork liver:

Rich in iron, phosphorus and vitamin B (riboflavin, folic acid), maintains healthy bones and skin of your dog.

Snacks y golosinas de hígado de cerdo para perros. Foie treats for dogs


4.- Fresh chicken meat:

It provides nutrients and high quality protein. Your dog gets what it needs without accumulating fat.

Snacks y golosinas para perros de pollo. Chicken treats for dogs


5.- Fresh beef meat:

Contains vitamins B2 and B12 (water soluble), which help the normal functioning of liver and kidneys.

Snacks y golosinas de buey (ternera) para perros. Beef treats for dogs


6.- Fresh turkey meat:

Source of protein, vitamins, phosphorus and selenium. With heart-healthy fatty acids, it helps protect the heart of your dog.

Snacks y golosinas de pavo para perros. Turkey treats for dogs


7.- Fresh lamb meat:

Contains proteins of high biological value and almost all essential amino acids. High level of iron. It helps metabolic functions of the nervous system and muscle activity.

Snacks y golosinas para perros de queso. Cheese treats for dogs


8.- Rice:

It is a gluten-free cereal which provides carbohydrate and sugars slow assimilation. Important source of energy for your dog, that does not suffer wear on your daily physical and mental activity.

It also contains silicon ( part of bone and cartilage).

Mediterranean Natural: materia prima de calidad en nuestros productos para perros


9.- Oregano oil:

Contains iron, manganese, vitamin E and K, iron, calcium, manganese and omega fatty acids. Aids digestion and has antioxidant properties.

Mediterranean Natural: materia prima de calidad en nuestros productos para perros


10.- Milk:

For its known properties that help the growth (intake of calcium, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins) in Mediterranean Natural incorporate milk as raw material in our semi moist snacks and food for puppies.

Mediterranean Natural: materia prima de calidad en nuestros productos para perros


Thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the Department of Physiology at the University of Murcia, the Food Research Team work with us in finding new formulations, choosing adequate, nutritious and healthy ingredients for your dog.

We are committed to our work responsibly and efficiently to improve the quality of life of your dog, thus contributing to their happiness.


Mediterranean Natural: for healthy and happy pets.


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