Agreement of collaboration with the University of Murcia: Dr. Salvador Zamora Navarro

Acuerdo de colaboración con la Universidad de Murcia: D. Salvador Zamora Navarro

Thanks to the signed agreement between University of Murcia and Mediterranean Natural, we have the collaboration of Dr. Salvador Zamora, Professor Emeritus of the University of Murcia and Professor of Physiology.


In this post and successive post we want to introduce you to the team of experts of the Department of Physiology of Universty of Murcia who works in quality control and development and innovation to improve the production process and formulation of Mediterranean Natural products for dogs.


Dr. Salvador Zamora Navarro


University of Murcia Professor Emeritus and Professor of Physiology. Founder of the Nutrition Research Group.

Academic Constituent Number of the Academy of Pharmacy Santa María de España of the Murcia Region.

Academic Number of the Academy of Gastronomy of the Murcia Region.

He holds a PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Granada and a Diploma in Nutrition and Pharmacist Specialist in Clinical Analysis.

He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Newcastle (United Kingdom) with Professor David Amstrong. He has been an Associate Professor of Physiology at the University of Alcalá (Spain) and currently develops his research in the field of Nutrition and its relationship with health.


Acuerdo de colaboración con la Universidad de Murcia: Dra. María José Frutos Fernández

In the image, from left to right, Dr. Salvador Zamora Navarro, Dr. María José Frutos Fernández, Mr. Miguel Luque Moya (General Manager of Mediterranean Natural), Mr. Manuel Torregrosa Andreu (Production Manager of Mediterranean Natural) and Dr. Francisca Pérez Llamas.


It has received different awards and decorations:

– Favorite Son of the Village of Mazarrón by the plenary of his Excellency City Council, 2013.

– Title “Living Legend” by: International Union of Nutrition Science (IUNS), 2013.

Honorary Member of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), 2010.

Professional Merit Medal of the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists of Spain, 2006.

– Alumni Association Medal. Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada, 1968.

Silver Medal of the Official Pharmacists College of Murcia Region.

Honor Collegiate of the Official Pharmacists College of Castellón.

– Golden Olive of the Official Pharmacists Association of Jaén.

Research Projects award of the Caja General de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad, Granada, 1981.

National Research Award Pro-Acua R & D in Aquaculture, 1999.

– “Palomas de Turismo” award of the University School of Tourism of Murcia, 2002.

Gold Badge of the Spanish Society of Aquaculture, 2005.

Cross of Naval Merit, granted by His Majesty the King, 1995.

– “HDL Cholesterol Good” Award, awarded by the Guild of Good Cholesterol HDL Avilés (Asturias), 2016.


He is author of more than 350 specialized publications and has directed more than 50 PhD theses. He is a Member of different Scientific Societies both National and International and member of different writing committees and editorials of different magazines.


It has also been:

President of the Spanish Nutrition Society (SEN).

President of the Spanish Aquaculture Society (SEA).

Vice-rector for research of the University of Murcia.

Associate Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada.

– Director of the International University of the Sea.

Thanks to his long career and experience, D. Salvador Zamora Navarro is an essential part of the development of new products for dogs Mediterranean Natural, so we are very grateful.

If you want to meet the other members of the Team of the University of Murcia who collaborate with Mediterranean Natural, here we introduce you to Dr. Francisca Pérez.

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