Lucca la Loca y Tapas Gourmet de Mediterranean Natural para perros

We tried the Tapas Gourmet, the last snack of Mediterranean Natural

“We have tried the Tapas Gourmet both at home, to make games of smell and learn new things, as in the park with our dogs friends and in the visit of our friend Uma and the Tapas Gourmet have been a success.”

Uma y Tapas Gourmet de Mediterranean Natural

Tapas Gourmet of Mediterranean Natural: the dogs’ favorite snack

“If we are fans of Mediterranean Natural, it is not by chance. We want that Uma eats the best. Like the Tapas Gourmet.”

Lucca la Loca y Serrano Snacks para gatos de Mediterranean Natural

New Serrano Snacks. Now also for cats!

“As you already know, cats can be very special when it comes to trying new foods and Link, if something does not convince him, there’s no way to prove it, but these treats have been a success”

La Guarida de Mis Gatos y Serrano Snacks para gatos de Mediterranean Natural

Snacks for cats of Mediterranean Natural, naturally delicious

“The 3 whiskers of La Guarida approve with outstanding the Serrano Snacks of Mediterranean Natural. (…) La Guarida recommends trying these naturally delicious cat snacks.”

Cuatro Huellas y Serrano Snacks para gatos

Serrano Snacks for cats

“Mediterranean Natural is our trusted brand of dog snacks … and now also for cats! (…) It seems they are good and Leia liked it a lot “

El Gato de la Taza de Té y Serrano Snacks para gatos

Natural snacks for cats made in Spain: Mediterranean Natural

“Now we know that a quality food must have a correct balance. We have tasted Mediterranean Natural snacks and we are very happy”

El Blog de Karim Yorkie: Mediterranean Natural para cachorros

Mediterranean Natural: Products for puppies

“In this post we will talk about the products for puppies of Mediterranean Natural, which has been a great discovery in the life and training of my little Karim Barim (…) No doubt to start with our puppies is a line of products that I recommend”

Cuatro Patas Web y Serrano Snacks

Mediterranean Natural: treats for dogs

“The best thing is that they have not preservatives or artificial colourants, no added sugar, no wheat and they are made with fresh meat cooked at low temperature. They is being a good ally when it comes to educating both Luna and Kimbo in positive reinforcement”

La vida con Pancho: Functional Snacks Mediterranean Natural

How to protect the joints of your dog ?. Here we recommend the perfect snack.

“Comes phenomenally as a food supplement. Pancho is a dog that runs a lot every day and that is why we have to take care of his joints more. We are delighted and add it (Functional Snacks) to our favorite snacks.”