Is it advisable to give my dog bones? Isn’t it damaging to their health?
A dog can eat bones as long as it is not suffering from any disease, in which case it may be inadvisable. You must only take care to choose the appropriate bone. READ MORE
Is MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL semi-moist food suitable for my dog?
MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL semi-moist dog food (Delicias) is suitable for any dog, but is especially recommended for small and medium-sized dogs and those that have difficulties chewing dry dog food. READ MORE
Can I just feed my dog with snacks?
No, a dog cannot be fed only on snacks. They are a complement to their diet and should be used as such. READ MORE
Can I mix MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL semi-moist dog food with dry food?
Delicias of MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL (semi-moist food) is an all-round balanced food which covers all of your pet's nutritional needs, meaning that it is not necessary to mix it with dry dog food. READ MORE