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Mediterranean Natural: Products for puppies

“In this post we will talk about the products for puppies of Mediterranean Natural, which has been a great discovery in the life and training of my little Karim Barim (…) No doubt to start with our puppies is a line of products that I recommend”

Uma y Tapas Gourmet de Mediterranean Natural

Tapas Gourmet of Mediterranean Natural: the dogs’ favorite snack

“If we are fans of Mediterranean Natural, it is not by chance. We want that Uma eats the best. Like the Tapas Gourmet.”

Lucca la Loca y Serrano Snacks para gatos de Mediterranean Natural

New Serrano Snacks. Now also for cats!

“As you already know, cats can be very special when it comes to trying new foods and Link, if something does not convince him, there’s no way to prove it, but these treats have been a success”

La Guarida de Mis Gatos y Serrano Snacks para gatos de Mediterranean Natural

Snacks for cats of Mediterranean Natural, naturally delicious

“The 3 whiskers of La Guarida approve with outstanding the Serrano Snacks of Mediterranean Natural. (…) La Guarida recommends trying these naturally delicious cat snacks.”

Cuatro Huellas y Serrano Snacks para gatos

Serrano Snacks for cats

“Mediterranean Natural is our trusted brand of dog snacks … and now also for cats! (…) It seems they are good and Leia liked it a lot “

El Gato de la Taza de Té y Serrano Snacks para gatos

Natural snacks for cats made in Spain: Mediterranean Natural

“Now we know that a quality food must have a correct balance. We have tasted Mediterranean Natural snacks and we are very happy”

El Blog de Karim Yorkie: Mediterranean Natural para cachorros

Mediterranean Natural: Products for puppies

“In this post we will talk about the products for puppies of Mediterranean Natural, which has been a great discovery in the life and training of my little Karim Barim (…) No doubt to start with our puppies is a line of products that I recommend”

Cuatro Patas Web y Serrano Snacks

Mediterranean Natural: treats for dogs

“The best thing is that they have not preservatives or artificial colourants, no added sugar, no wheat and they are made with fresh meat cooked at low temperature. They is being a good ally when it comes to educating both Luna and Kimbo in positive reinforcement”

La vida con Pancho: Functional Snacks Mediterranean Natural

How to protect the joints of your dog ?. Here we recommend the perfect snack.

“Comes phenomenally as a food supplement. Pancho is a dog that runs a lot every day and that is why we have to take care of his joints more. We are delighted and add it (Functional Snacks) to our favorite snacks.”

Blog Cuatro Huellas. Opinión Delicias Mediterranean Natural

Delicias of Mediterranean Natural

“The overall assessment was very positive. (Berni) eats it as a prize.”

Pienso Delicias Mediterranean Natural. Sitandplas

“Delicias”: Mediterranean Natural Dog Food

“Today I present you a very good product! For those who do not know Delicias, the food for dogs of Mediterranean Natural, you will not be able to resist much longer since it is a semi-moist food that you and your dog will love”

Descubre el alimento semi húmedo de Mediterranean Natural. Lucca la Loca

Discover Mediterranean Natural semi-moist food

“After more than six months with this food, Lucca still likes it as much as the first day, when she tasted it”

Delicias: pienso semi húmedo para perros de lo más natural. El Blog de Uma

Delicias: semi-moist natural dog food

“You offer your dog the opportunity to try this brand (I love it because it is a Spanish maker), (…), and then enjoy watching eat your dog.You will see that he loves “

Serrano Snacks de Mediterranean Natural. Sitandplas

Serrano Snacks of Mediterranean Natural

“Thanks to the Serrano Snacks (in addition to my Agility teacher and my perseverance …) we have made Django more aware in his classes and learn new obstacles and tricks, he loves Serrano Snacks !!”

La Barrita de Mediterranean Natural. Sitandplas

La Barrita of Mediterranean Natural

“It’s very soft and our dogs chew it easily, it’s also suitable for senior dogs with chewing difficulties. (…) A whole snack hit that I definitely recommend!!”

¿Ya conoces La Barrita de Mediterranean Natural? A tu perro le encantará. The Pet News

Do you know La Barrita of Mediterranean Natural? Your dog will love it

“In addition to having an impeccable image, they are high quality and delicious for our pets”

Functional Snacks de Mediterranean Natural. Cuatro Huellas

Functional Snacks of Mediterranean Natural

“(…) is very useful for large and giant dogs (because of their size, the joints suffer much more) and for senior dogs that, like us, when we get older, our knees hurt”

Mediterranean Natural: snacks naturales y deliciosos. Karim Yorkie

Mediterranean Natural: natural and delicious snacks

“What I like most about this product is that when you open the bag the aroma you receive is natural”

Mediterranean Natural II. Cuatro Huellas

Mediterranean Natural II

“The Mediterranean Natural Ham Bones, being dried and not cooked, reduce the chances of splintering when chewed”

La Barrita: sticks naturales y muy saludables. Paseando con Blondi

La Barrita: natural and very healthy sticks

“What better than to rely on products that are manufactured in our country (Spain), one of the considered with the best raw materials of the world?”

Mediterranean Natural. Lucca la Loca

Mediterranean Natural

“(…) We are very happy. In addition to the tranquility of using snacks where the composition is adequate and ingredients of quality are used, Lucca loves it and they are very practical.”

La Barrita: el nuevo snack de Mediterranean Natural. Romeo y Gara blog

La Barrita: the new snack of Mediterranean Natural

“As they are individually packaged vacuum, they are kept fresh for a very long time. (…) You can carry them without staining or fading”

Premios naturales para perros: sanos y deliciosos. El Blog de Uma

Natural Snacks for Dogs: Healthy and Delicious

“What brand can I recommend? Without doubt, Mediterranean Natural, a Spanish brand”

Ham Bones y La Barrita de Mediterranean Natural. Perros con Historia

Ham Bones and La Barrita of Mediterranean Natural

“Personally, it is very difficult for us to be able to opt for a specific specialty. My dogs love all Mediterranean Natural products! They are ideal snacks anytime. You have to try it!”

Mediterranean Natural: La Barrita. Zeus the free dog

Mediterranean Natural: La Barrita

“La Barrita is the favorite snack for Zeus. He sees the package and comes moving his tail and enjoying every bite”

Qué buenos son los snacks de Mediterranean Natural. Eddie Jack Russell

Mediterranean Natural snacks are delicious

“Today I got the package of my favorite snacks from Mediterranean Natural and I’m very happy”

Premios naturales y deliciosos para perros en forma de barritas. Mediterranean Natural. El Blog de Uma

Natural and delicious snacks for dogs

“Why do we love this brand? Because they care about the health of our dogs”

La Barrita de Mediterranean Natural. Cuatro Huellas

La Barrita of Mediterranean Natural

“Its packaging is ideal to take them anywhere, I have them in the bag, the hairdresser’s bag, the bedside table …”

Mediterranean Natural: La Barrita. Con Perros y a lo Loco

Mediterranean Natural: La Barrita

“There are snacks for dogs, there are good snacks for dogs, and above all of them, there is La Barrita”

Mediterranean Natural I. Cuatro Huellas

Mediterranean Natural I

“We knew this brand a year ago … and we loved it” Before finishing the first Serrano Snacks, they were already our favorite snack brand “

Nos vamos de picnic con Mediterranean Natural. Perros con Historia

We take picnic the Mediterranean Natural products

“We have used the sticks as rewards, they are easily split and can be divided into several shots. Because of their smell are a great attraction for our dogs and their texture are very easy to digest”

Mediterranean Natural. Con Perros y a lo Loco

Mediterranean Natural

“They are charming and transmit in their products the love they feel towards pets”

Probamos Mediterranean Natural. Pippa The Chihuahua

We have tried the products for dogs of Mediterranean Natural

“(The Ibericas Sticks) are soft and easy to split, which for small dogs like Pippa is great”

Chuches para perros Mediterranean Natural. Mascota y Salud

Dog treats

“Mediterranean Natural Snacks have been a hit for the dogs in the house”

Mediterranean Natural: for healthy and happy pets. Romeo y Gara Blog

Mediterranean Natural: for healthy and happy pets

“Gara does not like all the treats for dogs and when we try a new brand, we risk it to be a failure. Mediterranean Natural has been a success and we love the snacks, sticks and pig ears”

Cómo enseñar a hacer trucos a tu perro: snacks Mediterranean Natural

How to teach tricks to your dog

“We have weakness for Mediterranean Natural snacks because Uma loves it and because they feed her, they nourish her”